PETTOM Filter & Sponge Set for Pet Water Fountain WF130- 4+4+4pcs, Removes Pet Hair

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Ultra Quietly & Encourages Drinking:Cat drinking fountain equipped with a ultra-quiet and low consumption pump, which is absolutely silent. The free-falling stream can meet the need of pets and increase the fun of pets.
Stainless Steel Top & BPA-free : Made of high quality ABS material and dishwashe-safe stainless steel top, pet water fountain is BPA-free, durable, safe and easy to operate and clean. With a water storage capacity of about 88oz/2.6L.
Large Drinking Space & Visible Water Level: 2.6L dog water dispenser has a large effective drinking space, it's suitable for small and medium pets. The transparent fuselage makes it easy to monitor the pet's overall water consumption, and the latest generation pump will automatically stop working when there is no water.
Widespread & Efficient Filtration:cat water fountain is equipped with activated carbon filter, pre-filter sponge and a sponge filter.Triple filtration system filters hair and other debris to remove odors and impurities, providing purified running water for your pet and keep pets health.
Easy to Set Up and Clean: cat water dispenser is ergonomic that all parts are easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning and replacement. For your pet health, it's recommended to change the filters, clean the pump and fountain every 2-4 weeks.(our pet water fountain comes with 2pc replacement filters)

Filter: replace every 1-2 weeks
Sponge: clean every 1-2 weeks and replace every 2-4 weeks


1Box = filer x4 +small sponge x4 + large sponge x4

Pre Filter Sponge£º4.25 inch
Activated Carbon£º4 inch
High-density £º2.2 inch